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kingdom she's available in just zoom in her will and will she one who took the old way believe her to make it in the search of the mill stone who took some of the country house full of am the bull good old goldman turns to the immigrant the groom to choose to be the montague the child the little girl and the ribbons her child. they're watching artsy of life from moscow our top stories one year since the fatal flight poland remembers a spike president in ninety five others killed in a plane crash near small towns with thousands gathering out warsaw's main square about the site out of the tragedy in russia our religious ceremony has been held it delayed followers for elected since his wife and the others who turned back to the
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. double standards nato is accused of allowing rebels of maybe it's a violation the u.n. impose a no fly zone after two opposition choppers are stopped down by government forces. and in other stories this week a priest in finland faces racial hatred charges for speaking out against one of the world's most wanted terrorists and the above site spreading his extremism. next we discuss where consumerism and dependency on oil are leading america in our interview. today r t is talking to peter joe's the activist and filmmaker he's the founder of the movement and has recently released his newest film guys moving forward. peter thank you for joining us today for our viewers who may not be very familiar with it briefly explain what this is like ice movement well the psychosis film
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series of first point out is my own creative expression and it carried over with an influence and inspiration if you will to the psychosis movement through a number of people that wanted to start being active in social change so as i close movement overall is built upon the ideology of the venus project which is worth mentioning is the life work of shark fresco what that means is that all of the work that he's done throughout his entire life at the engineering island state of zines compiling ideologies value orientations compiling ideas essential that make us intend them with nature if you want to approach all the problems in the world we think about it and mccain i think about it through political parties not think about it through the acquisition of money or the movement of money it's time we just go straight to it because we understand it now science. i say that and we don't quite understand it i mean i'm not talking about you know what we would have a term physical science of what it means to meet the needs of the human population
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you often talk about the problems caused by our current monetary system how is it that by taking away money from the equation that you really think that we can eliminate such problems as crime a disease but it's not just take away the physical currency it's the entire system itself so let's make sure that that's that's apparently abundantly clear when i talk about money i'm referring to the monetary structure of this. so start with crime ninety ninety five percent of our crimes are based on property in fact you know a guy will run out steal a car its worth. fifty thousand dollars will get arrested and thrown in jail for possibly ten years at the expense of probably three hundred thousand dollars just given the car it's inefficient the entire crime and punishment so good people what they need and you'll begin to see that needs and wants start to divide with culture based on once we we create all these artificial wants people in their stylistic materialistic ideas and ways that they want to own and show their property and
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status this is a concoction then there's needs on the other end of the structure needs are true viable things and when people don't have their needs met crime emergency so crime is easily related to money i mean there's only a small percentage of really serious violent crimes and even many of those come from psychological illness neuroses and you can research the work of james skilling in they come from bad conditions and in a resource based economy that is a that is a very important issue that's not just the technical management of resources is understanding that the entire environment has to be low stress you also talk about our over reliance on fossil fuels and how this will eventually lead to a financial collapse what do you think that it will eventually take for us to start looking at our energy issues a lot differently i mean the gas have to be ten dollars a gallon if you're born into this system your doctor made it into it you think the system is working yes ten dollars a gallon gas pipe be the rude awakening it takes to get society to understand what's happening let's talk about how overconsumption is affecting us in real time
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here in los angeles we're dealing with high unemployment unprecedented hunger there's a really have to be this way because i think a lot of us over the years have grown to learn that there has to be some suffering in this world right catalyst free market system i don't believe is no hold on for that much longer i'm not a prophet but i think that it's going to show itself and people are going to begin to see that it's in transit before the collapse of industrial civilization to put it very very very exaggerated leave if you will because we base everything on oil is a very terrifying idea. i am not a doomsday theorist i'm simply looking at the statistics but we are adapting ourselves to renewables which we have plenty of missed in the systems approach that to energize them and get them going to change the global infrastructure which we could easily do if there was an interest to do so again it's a technical phenomenon we don't need money to do it we just do it good i mean if that doesn't occur we're going to see very different to see more wars we're going to see extremely high gasoline we're having huge profiteering subculture collapse
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the society will be met with the huge profiteering group that are shorting all the interests that are the owners of the public goods that are going scarce because scarcity equates to more profit and that's another thing i think people should understand as well there's no intrinsic interest as that in the whole society for the global universe and there isn't going to be as far as i'm concerned a legitimate economic recovery we're not going to see that the heyday of the human species as far as i'm concerned is over and tell radical shifts are made because of how important the hydrocarbon issue has been and again no one is doing anything to counter what we need really is is a manhattan project if you will but what we knew about energy research and without having to worry about limitations of corporations to get it done so to answer your question there's not going to be an economic recovery that people are expecting but he was many poor and middle class americans who contributed to the bits of our current president is their voice not being heard what does anyone have a voice in this democracy because america doesn't matter how loud someone yells and
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i mean letters they write to their congressmen or how much they complain very little can change what is set in motion but in the very nature of the political system which is simple it's a it's a point to dictatorship movements are in power is very little anyone any of us can do and since the entire thing is serving the corporate interests through taxation and everything else you see that the political corporate interests what john perkins called the corporatocracy this is not synonymous on that exists so the public is always going to be given the short end of the stick and always. it's been since the divinity you know nothing's really changed we live in a dance form feudalism and nothing more in the past you've pointed out the dangers of our massive debt problem here in america do you think that this is an issue that's just impossible to resolve even with the massive austerity measures that are being proposed measures or are an abomination preet atrocity against the general population as a whole is still. the problem is that the people they cut natural process programs
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like n.p.r. they cut all they cut you know things like education these are the core actually it's become well you know why are they cutting when obviously we're spending a lot of trillion dollars a year for the world where is the logic with all of this in your film you talk about how robots will eventually between all the jobs that humans are doing to a certain extent that's already happening and robots are taking the jobs of thousands of people now this sounds like a bad thing to those workers that are losing these jobs now but you think that mechanisation will eventually be a great thing. and want to go to employment as manifested throughout time in every major of labor pains that you've had as a civilization and based on the knowledge you go through a revolution the invention of to be industrial revolution the invention of the power of machine large power machine to improve an information age we have now where everyone is interacting with systems but contradiction of capitalism by some
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economic theory that investigate this idea that we're displacing ourselves with mechanization mechanization that can create more can provide more and yet reducing human purchasing power so what you have is the more we neck and eyes less jobs less money in circulation so how can an economy work it's starting to stifle itself because of this very phenomenon technology's more efficient. that of corporations feeling that they are useful so this is the point that it is a very very different paradigm now. we can create abundance on this planet when i can access abundance we can have vertical farms fully automated off the coast of los angeles they produce all the organic food for all of los angeles you make the claim that our current socio economic system is just not working for people who agree with you or want to create change right away what suggestions do you have for them i mean that if the patterns continue themselves the trends that i see continue . ignoring the energy issues of the ignoring of the growing instability through
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society the kind of naivety of the general population to think oh everything's just going to be ok these things will coalesce into what i consider collapse and it's a multi-faceted very difficult thing to anticipate and it won't occur and some big you wake up one day and it won't run around fire it will be a slow grind of more unemployment more extreme poverty more suffering death more wars by all means more basic social instability rationing of resources i say that people should boycott the major banks especially the banks that are part of the federal reserve cartel this is a corrupt financial institution that has a cartel a private banks and everyone just seems to think it's ok people are beginning to realize that there are people in power that are preserving themselves and they really don't have a genuine interest in helping anyone else but i do suggest people begin to be more conscious and try to find other sources of information i happen to enjoy r t independent media more independent media get away from the dominant stations
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imagine years ago and when you lived in a society where all you had was a newspaper there's no television you know all you got was a newspaper your front imagine how easy it was for people to control what people thought don't ever join the military or the people out of their respect because human beings but i do my best my speak to people mostly i say get out but the people respect for the people that go into this i feel for the americans that have been forced to as i'm concerned coerced by the economic structure to get money for college and boom they're thrown into into this show. hugely detrimental psychological environment shell shock and other can emerge one one out of four veterans that commit suicide it is not in i believe our basic human development to just kill each other i think it really is a bad state of mind and causes more hurt anything else in the larger perspective gee it would be all it does is create animosity if you took all the money we spend on war to fight it's a renewable energy is required to basically anything social we you could resolve
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that problem a second to call the scientists that are currently developing weapons and put them on how to actually redesign a sustainable society again to get out of hydrocarbon economy you have people actually utilize the interest of the well being of the planet and soon species that we just simply made that decision sort of consciously trying to kill each other or whatever or whatever temporal purpose or resource geopolitical ally manner is whatever strategy of dominance happens to be the flavor of the month for just get away from that i would be much better off to put it frankly. when the leaves is not enough. when it's something really crucial. when you want to get down to brass tacks we bring you hospice coverage here.
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in a place already synonymous with tragedy the world witnessed another disaster that left the country devastated. and united two nations in grief. question more on the. disarming saddam hussein. charge of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance to torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever. play flies again over embassy in kabul. chance to once occupied afghanistan. and now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. in it. it is appropriate to do it in accordance as which is if they can even. if
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need. one year of said sloth a delta flight poland remembers his late president and ninety five others killed in a plane crash in your small towns with thousands gathering at warsaw's main square and at the side of the tragedy in russia a religious ceremony has been held people laid flowers so much since he his wife and the others that died that day. double standards nato was accused of a long bravos on libya to violate the u.n. impose no fly zone after two offices and toppers the soft sound by government forces. and in other stories this week
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a priest in finland faces racial hatred charges for speaking out against one of the world's most wanted terrorists and the web site spreading his extremist. sports is next with entrants to us. i know they are watching the sport and this is what is coming up on a roll sebastian vettel wins the malaysian grand prix on a bad day for russia's batali petrol. plus trading places and he looks to reclaim top spot in the russian premier league got a new voice classes are reached the summit. and naturally holds his nerve to stay out in front the u.s. masters reaching its climax. but first red bull sebastian vettel has won the malaysian grand prix to make it two wins from today while rushing the
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tally pret petrol crashed with just three laps to go flying to flag victory then for the german who opened up a twenty four point lead at the top of the standings after also winning in australia mclaren jenson button claim second. but no joy to his run a teammate petroff the volleyball grocott from wide at a high speed to end on failed to finish a nice salute from the eight in the driver's championship. and let's go to the russian prime league was anita aiming to reclaim top spot when they take on tee iscar today but the full back needed to michael could reach the summit themselves for a couple of hours at least for the win against rostov in boulder one up at half time that goal just going in now the games today rubin are currently full and i face a spot that's now chicken spot at moscow through one of only one of their three matches welcome ruud gullit sterrett for the moment there with his new boys class nadar the top the league table after their one year win over carlton saturday
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brazilian junks new york almost giving carson the lead in the first half just clipping the bar however i feel that the term provided i thank you for this corner and in it for me a place i said in defending him and you to be. which ensure the side leaked from fifth place to the summit but i'm told so it's a house away from the city itself i got best placement of the season after a late one of the tree i've been lucky might see to spend a minute to be messing with. korea moving away from the foot of the table i think for a block ins and nine. and also shooting at the lake in the domino scale when no win for them i mean you boys club band i managed by former chelsea defender down to trash heap big essential feeling left when a seventh from time nothing left for muscovites from third bottom to six by one place behind the bat. in the english premier league arsenal will be desperate to make up ground on leaders manchester united the gunners travel to
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blackpool ten points adrift of united to beat falling yesterday also boss arsene bangor has been defending his side's performances this season i despite the threat of going six years without a trophy the league title is the only thing they have left to aim at they do have two games in hand on united but today's trip to the seaside is a point being easy blackpool are just a point of relegation and really need their points to. fall later on a struggling aston villa will entertain newcastle pulis paul run as seen them falter within two points of the drop so. man united got that some point cushion with a two no win over full of yesterday good to talk with a lengthy are on target from their chelsea remain after from allude to strike against them big three over rock bottom wigan spurs keeping up the pressure on man city for the last champions league spot with a three two win over stoke is not a good day for the sides fighting relegation wolves stay in the drop zone along with west ham after they lost everton bolton respectively west brom
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a move away from the danger area after coming from behind to beat sunderland three two i'm glad the three one one with. another footballing used by munich have parted company with coach louis van haul with immediate effect the german club plans to get rid of him at the end of the season but have decided to bring that forward on a fourth in the pundits league under struggling to ensure qualification for next season's champions league garvey's fifty nine will be replaced by society and the stronger until the end of this campaign things will then become the clubs if you book. a few minutes time the second game the garden cup finals will get underway with that langkow regime demanding his side perform better after losing the two one to sell about you live friday's games to sell about take the lead in the first period. pushkin and i think i should criticize these men for not playing is a take for carrying out twenty six to one shining light for them was top score
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certainly jackin netted again but he made the time atlanta very much he and adults may find the second best on the team with the wind in the sand about pleasing his manager because of the ball here today's match is the second in this best of seven contests and it's again before we see these switches to athens just north of moscow . and gulf non-jury mcelroy will take a four shot lead into the final round of the us masters four plays a tie for second while a poor day for tiger woods so him slumped to seven shots off the pace but mcelroy wasn't having it always the same way is nearly two shot late was called back by a strange eisen day who even stole the at right later this beautiful breaking part . but they eventually sent away but end up sharing second place and i joining him that is page a choice is pretty handy with a part of himself as you can see and a competitor and tell schools to use
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a type the second place while tiger woods couldn't reproduce the full they saw him climb the on friday problems on the greens again saw him cart a two over par and of seventy four in a six in ninety seven shots back so out in front is rory mcilroy comfortable for short cushion play him going into sunday's final round the twenty one year old here with every chance of becoming the first origin to win in august he's led from the off it was looking very much in control after his to seven so. i just think in a way you're trying to finish off their own really well through to get to really good shots in the last two we're a nice little apart. but you know i'm happy with where we're with where everything's are you know i felt as if i handled you know my emotions really well like there today and you know just keep it up tomorrow. and also a big day coming up for russian tennis player invest enough she's made it through to the final of the family circle open way she faces world number one caroline
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wozniacki vesnina making it through to the fifth final of her career of the beaten chinese think shall win the semi the russian may be right outside the world's top fifty but is playing the same sort of golf as the top seeds in south carolina i need in just under two hours to wrap up a sudden six six three when her opponent was the ascii also had a good win a top seed are becoming former world number one illini jankovic in this battle be so so screwed up in the first set but maybe unforced errors and the monkeys can smash the board into the net at a sepoy down in the first and also long in the second now mostly out of the sixty six thanks to step away from home. things. have a great year so far. are pleased about the way that after i've been playing and progress . action from the n.b.a.
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now at denver continued a good fall that already into the playoffs but didn't take their foot off the gas against minnesota one hundred thirty two one hundred six win for the nuggets but if i lost in scoring a career high thirty seven points and it wasn't the only one showing a bit of stock all i can martin grabbing i missed by lawson before throwing down a vicious dunk larger al smith schooled six three points is but lost in that was the main unstoppable ninety one percent success rate from the three point nine five game during this convincing win at the pepsi center then the remaining fifth in the western conference minnesota now on a thirty game losing streak. i'll swear the sun so you spurs not leading sixteen first victory of the season's washington boost and i'm no walking also one on the night that none of them will be heading into them being me. and finally an unusual judo taunt was held in the russian capital yesterday where members of the police fire brigade and the army took to the mat to wrestle for the
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armed forces european crown watching it was confronting but the op. the rules will open t. with you the joining hands with a little must go into carson seventh and last year became the european championships the annual number of participants isn't freezing and this here policemen from sixteen countries flocking to the capital to wrestle in the timing of the denominator arena. fantastically organized by saying. it was been rated comedy i said and the level i think it's been pretty good fascinates me myself. judah plays a very important from a training for army and police force like the goals of the various. nations in different countries and to promote judit as a sport but it's also dedicated to the memory of their colleagues who have died in the line of duty because it's a very significant tournaments for us in many ways we commemorate all the policemen who have died on duty and some porn in terms of bringing up young judo followers
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that's why i think there should be more bans like this and i hope we're moving in the right direction and will continue to hold the story missed and the policeman who run risks every day who are devote themselves to do the work to fish i gotcha and i know ok and how quality joy dominance and i think is true and second i am staff i'm satisfied with the result we have a good team we've been performing together for several years and tonight will produce a solid performance that's why when talk. the economy may be an uncompetitive as the participants take it for amateur that the tension in every boat is very high appealing to the spectators who probably enjoy the deny my arena will be packed again next year i think about our team. and that wraps up the sport and i can't be hand up last time to keep that day to threaten.
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we'll. remind you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future of coverage.
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